Sunglasses & Signatures

Sam Bennett Hacked

Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett had his Twitter account hacked last week when many of his followers woke up to an advertisement of Ray-Ban sunglasses including teammate Johnny Gaudreau. Gaudreau’s response was more than enough to get a laugh out of people.

“I’ll Check You if You Don’t Sign My Card”

Devils rookie Miles Wood sent Alex Ovechkin a letter ten years ago that asked for a hockey card with a signature returned back also including a threat saying “I’ll check you the 1st chance I get when I make the NHL.” After the game, Ovechkin handed Wood a photo with a signature and personalized message. Judging by the smile, Wood definitely put the body on Ovi.

Crosby’s Private Time

Pittsburgh Penguins announcers may know something about Sidney Crosby that the public doesn’t. Probably something he does on a regular basis.
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Kimmo’s Trip

Beloved “Finnish God of Defense” Kimmo Timonen will be making a cross-Atlantic tour from St. Lucia to Gran Canaria on a sailing trip using the trusty “Lintu” which translates to “Bird” in English. We can only hope for a safe journey and updates along the way.

Taking off on great adventure. 3 weeks on sea. St.Lucia to Gran Canaria.See you on other side… Atlantic😀

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