Corona Vaccine Update: US Citizens Get Free Kovid-19 Vaccine, Announced by the Trump Administration. America: The Trump administration publishes a plan to offer all Americans a COVID-19 vaccine for free

New Delhi. The Corona crisis has become the biggest problem for the whole world. Worldwide, 29,718,142 people have fallen prey to Karona. So far, 9.39 lakh people have died as a result of the Corona virus. The number of corona patients in the US has risen to 6,788,147, while more than 200,197 people have died there. Meanwhile, news of the Corona vaccine has brought some relief to people. US President Donald Trump’s administration has made a big announcement about the Kovid 19 vaccine.

The Trump administration has drawn up a plan to give Corona Vaccine to its people for free. The Trump administration briefed on this on Wednesday, saying that the Trump administration is working on this plan, whereby all citizens of America get the vaccine for free.

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