A 50% drop in birth rate in one year in Xinjiang, China, Muslim population The birth rate in China’s Xinjiang province has fallen by 50 percent in just one year

Personal data of 80 lakh people reached the public domain through UP Government’s Corona Surveillance System: Report | Uttat Pradesh Govt Covid19 Tracking Platform Report exposed data of more than 8 million people

Digvijay Singh shared the video of Anupam Kher’s film saying the situation will get worse

Sonu Sood helped millions in lockdown, but still said ‘fraud’, actor gave this answer to trollers. Sonu Sood responds to fraud called says instead of trolling me go help someone

Iqbal Mirchi’s family confiscated properties worth Rs 203 crore in Dubai; ED takes action | ED has provisionally pinned 15 properties in Dubai belonging to relatives of Iqbal Mirchi worth 203 crores

Russian President Vladimir Putin took off his rival Alexei Navalini’s clothes! | Russia: Opposition leader Alexei Navalny asks President Putin to return his clothes

Dia Mirza’s name also came up in connection with drugs, NCB may send subpoena | Dia Mirza’s name came in Sushant Singh Rajput drug case, NCB can be subpoenaed

In a 14-hour meeting, China’s China bluntly, the Chinese army returned to April’s position in Ladakh. Talks at 6th Corps Commander-level India insisted that China should return to positions before April

Agricultural accounts: are the agreed accounts under pressure from the market lobby? | Farm Bills: Opposition to farm bills is under pressure from the mandi lobby

Kangana Ranaut property demolition case: BMC officer and Sanjay Raut also become parties to the case. Kangana Ranaut issue Bombay Supreme Court allows BMC officer and Sanjay Raut to join as parties to the case